How to Post

My hope is for posts to be submitted to, so creating a wordpress account is NOT necessary to post. These responses should be centered around the questions, why is the lighthouse important to you? What are your best memories of the lighthouse? Why is it crucial that it is saved? I encourage people to respond to these questions, but also continue to send me submissions in the form of writing or pictures under any topic related to the lighthouse or Aquinnah. Posts tend to be about a paragraph or two, but of course there is no pressure to write a certain amount. Make sure to include a title for your post! Everything sent in will be posted within 3 days of sending.

If you already have or would like to make a wordpress account, I also encourage you to comment on other posts already made. Comments are different from posts! Comments are generally shorter than posts, and usually respond to what the specific post that you are commenting on says.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email, which doubles as the submission email and my personal email for this project.


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