I remember a few summers when we rented a house off Moshup Trail and the fog at night would get as thick as pea soup.  I would step outside only to be engulfed by a shroud of mist and a sense of being absolutely all alone.  The reason we love spending time during the summer in Aquinnah and at the Gay Head cliffs is for that sense of getting away from it all, even if just for a short time, spending time as a family walking the beach, swimming in Menemsha Pond, and having blue corn pancakes at the cliffs.  But standing alone in a bank of fog at what seemed like the end of earth with my young family tucked back inside felt like at times a bit too much isolation. That is until the white and red beams from lighthouse would cut through the fog at perfect intervals, never wavering, always providing comfort as it has done for so many for hundreds of years.  For those beams of light to be extinguished is unthinkable.  Please support the efforts to move the lighthouse to safe grounds so it can continue to provide comfort to those who love it for generations to come.
Paul Nelson

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