Please Save the Lighthouse

When we visited Martha’s Vineyard a number of years ago with our son and daughter and their children, the grandchildren were all quite tiny — and there were only four at the time! — some of the highlights of our stay were our visits to the magnificent Gay Head lighthouse.

 It looked huge to the grownups, so one can imagine how it looked to the children.  And perched as it is on the edge by the sea, it looked even more of a wonder!  It was and is tangible proof of the history of the island — and, thus, the history of the area.  Oh, the stories it could tell!!

 It is this sort of monument that must be retained, not only for our children’s children, but for all who come after.  For it is a prime example of not only the architecture of the period, but the function it served.  Preserving light houses is given high priority in many places: Prince Edward Island in Canada,  Sanibel Island in Florida and Split Rock Light House in Minnesota.  Please make it a high priority in Massachusetts.  Our great grandchildren will need to see Gay Head to make the history of Martha’s Vineyard come alive!

 P. S.  The tee shirt I bought when we were there pictures the light house — I have worn its so often through the years, it now has holes in the sleeves!

 Jane and Tom Nelson, Wayzata, Minnesota and Sanibel Island, Florida


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