I want to share what the Gay Head Lighthouse means to our family.

We have spent the last 14 years each summer on the Vineyard and have a house in Gay Head. Going  to  the Lighthouse is one of our favorite activities and every summer we make many trips to visit and enjoy it. The Lighthouse and surrounding land is a magical place overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  It sits on top of 100+ feet of clay cliffs. Over the years erosion has set in and it is in peril of falling into the ocean.

Our visits to the Lighthouse and “the cliffs” include:

Climbing up the lighthouse, learning about the history of the lighthouse, and seeing the lantern that warns ships about  the rocks near the cliffs;

 Packing a picnic and lunching with our children and grandchildren at the base of the lighthouse

 Enjoying the spectacular sunset

 Taking friends to see the lighthouse

 Eating breakfast at The Cliffs Restaurant near the Lighthouse – the blue corn waffles  get two thumbs up.

 Bringing the dogs for a lighthouse walk.

 And one year we even volunteered as tour guides at The Lighthouse. 

Everyone who visits the Vineyard should take the opportunity to visit our spectacular light house. It would be a tragedy if we lost the Gay Head Lighthouse.

– Mary Salkever


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